Water Color Care

To help watercolor sets last, please ask kids to treat the paint sets with care.

  • When paints are wet, after use, carry them level.
  • Leaving the lids open will allow “paint-ovals” to dry faster.
  • Tissues (like Kleenex) can wipe up wet messes in the paint trays. My students always have tissues available when using watercolor paints to not only clean the paint trays, but to quickly soak up “oopsies” from their papers/artwork.
  • For many projects, I suggest not even getting the black/brown ovals wet at all… using only bright colors work well for so many lessons.
  • Encourage kids to “lift” the paint with their brushes (no digging!) This saves the paints and the brushes.
  • Paintbrushes should be stored horizontally or with bristles up.

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