Watercolor Landscapes


  • white construction paper – 1 piece per student (9”x12” or your choice)
  • black permanent marker
  • watercolor paints & brushes


Vocab to discuss before beginning:

  • foreground- the part of a view that is nearest to the observer (in art or life)
  • middleground- the middle distance of a painting or photograph or life
  • background- the area or scenery behind the middleground
  • landscape- an area of countryside or land
  • warm colors- colors associates with heat, the sun, fire
  • cool colors- colors associates with water, ice, sky


  • using a sharpie, draw several flowers across the bottom of the paper. They should be zoomed-in and close-up. Some flowers and leaves should only partially show. The flowers are leaves should take up approx.. ¼ of the paper.
  • ocean/river waves come next. Encourage flowing swirls and scrolls. This should take up another ¼ of the paper.
  • rolling hills are next. This should take up another ¼ of the paper.
  • add dots and/or lines to the hills
  • setting/rising sun comes last. Sun rays should extend “off” the paper. This should take up the final ¼ of the paper.
  • add some designs/patterns to SOME sun rayscolors
    flowers = reds, pinks, purples
    water = blues
    hills = greens
    sky/sun = oranges & yellows

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