Picasso Inspired Self Portraits

Grade Level: 3rd+


  • white construction paper (I used 9″ x 12″ in the example)
  • pencils
  • water color paints and paint brushes
  • black permanent markers


  1. Show examples of Picasso’s cubism style.
  2. Sketch your own design with a pencil.
  3. Begin by drawing a wobbly oval for the head. Leave room in the margin area for hair.art website - 128
  4. Next draw a slightly wobbly line down the middle of the head. Be sure to make part of the “wobble” is a funny or large nose.art website - 129
  5. Continue drawing funky face features such as: one eye closed, asymmetrical lips or smile, different shaped ears, and so on.
  6. Begin water color painting. Color each section a different color.Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 3.50.17 PMart website - 133art website - 134
  7. When dry, trace pencil lines with with a black permanent marker.art website - 135

Other ideas for face features:

art website - 18art website - 19art website - 20art website - 21



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